Thursday, October 30, 2014

Joyetech eGrip

Joyetech eGrip Available Now!

Joyetech eGrip is the most beautiful box mod you would have ever seen. eGrip Mod by Joyetech has so many advanced features and is comfortable and convenient in using. The elegance and charm of this beautiful egrip box mod by Joyetech surpasses any Box mod in market at the moment. You can use metaphor ' The most beautiful Box mod - eGrip by Joyetech' .

Joyetech eGrip has alot of advanced features that no other box mod has ever featured. Joyetech feature the new built in vape tank with changeable coils on it, having a clear window to show the ejuice in it. Joyetech e grip features 360 degree rotating ring to adjust he wattage. eGrip has a side inlet window for ejuice refilling. Joyetech e grip is a variable wattage device with battery capacity of 1500mah rechargeable battery; e grip takes 1.5 ohm dual coil atomizer heads specially designed for e grip for high quality vaping experience. Battery has max output of 20 watt and 5.5 volts. Joyetech egrip comes in five beautiful color options black , silver, Chrome, brown & Camo. Joyetech 
ecigs had always been best and they have done once again... !

Max output Voltage - 5.5volts
Max Output power- 20watts
In Built Vape Ejuice tank with 1.5 ohm coil head
In Build 1500mah Rechargeable battery
Bottom Battery charging port.
Ejuice capacity 3.5 ml
Output Mod VW

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Joyetech eRoll-C

Joyetech eRoll-C

Very popular and stylish mini electronic cigarette eRoll has received a new version, while retaining all the functions and some design elements, it also comes with several improvements

At first glance, the most striking change is the plastic cartridge hidden in a metal enclosure with a small window to check e-liquid, because of thath eRoll-C gets far more robust all-metal appearance, moreover, there is no frequent wear out of the cartridge. Even the eRoll-C PCC changed the design little bit, now is made of metal while maintaining a solid 1000mAh capacity it was possible to make it even more thin.

Functionally, however, eRoll-C is no different from its predecessor and still maintains a very high standard and quality. For heating it uses the same atomizers. Batteries have protection for low voltage, short circuit protection and also protects the atomizer itself. Even such a small e-cigarette can have a number of features that we were looking for at more larger models.

The basic eRoll-C kit, see, among others, charging case, which is built-in lithium battery with 1000mAh capacity. In this case there are two LED lights next to the USB port to recharge. Personal Charging Case (PCC) is intended for one complete piece electronic cigarette eRoll-C. The actual e-cigarette battery has a capacity only 90mAh, but for charging just snapped it into the case and in half an hour is fully charged. And given that in the kit there are two e-cigarettes it will not happen that you are left without an e-cigarette.
The new generation of electronic cigarettes eRoll-C does not come with revolutionary changes, or does not significantly alter your favorite e-cigarette, it just tweaks and perfects its design which already has been so successful.
Standard configuration: 
2x eRoll-C battery
2x eRoll-C Cartridge
2x eRoll-C Atomizer Cone
2x Atomizer head
1x eRoll-C PCC
1x USB Cable
1x Wall Adaptor
1x eRoll-C Manual

eRoll-C PCC:
Length: 108 mm
Width: 48 mm
Thickness: 11.5 mm
Capacity: 1000mAh

Length: 93 mm
Working Voltage: 3.7V
Capacity: 90mAh
Colour: Black, Silver, Gold

Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas 2013 Year End Sale!

Christmas Promo 2013

Another year another resolution. Give someone a chance to switch from traditional cigarette to a healthier alternative.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

White eGo-C Promotion

20% Mark Down for White Joyetech eGo-C Starter Kit

Christmas came earlier this year for a white eGo-C Starter Kit.

ego promo

Wednesday, July 10, 2013